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In The News

Welcome to the Sai Vishram, the exclusive business hotel snuggly nestled in the heart of Bangalore's electronics city

Enjoy the internationally vibrant cuisine from our kitchens that use only freshly grown organic produce from neighbouring farming communities.

To do away with the dust prone ducts of centralized air-conditioning, we have installed individual air conditioning units that ensure a steady supply of fresh, ionized air to help maintain dust free environs for our allergy prone guests.
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The tee-total, non-smoking, vegetarian hotel
A new hotel which operates according to sharia principles has opened in Bangalore ... Read More >>

'Health conscious hotels will appeal to busy executives'
Why it’s different: The architecture and the interiors of the building are inspired by Tudor architecture and is thus lavishly done up in wood... Read More >>

Abstinence is the room key at Sai Vishram
A residential hotel that revolves around 'no-meat, no- smoke, no-liquor' concept may sound a bit out of sync with business sense, but a but Bangalore-based Akkayya Consultancy Services (ACS) is all set to bring this concept to reality ...Read More >>

The healthy inn
The businessman who wants to really get down to some serious business can now head to Sai Vishram near Electronics City ... Read More >>

Sai Vishram to invest Rs 5,000 crore in Indian hospitality To construct over 100 hotels & resorts by 2015 ... Read More >>

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