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Dear Guests

We would like to highlight some negative aspects of our Hotel as perceived by our guests. Our intention is to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure our guests know what to expect and what not to expect during their stay at Sai Vishram Hotel, Bangalore.

  1. No Non-Veg Food, No Alcohol Permitted, No Aerated Drinks, No Smoking: This is one of the first and most common complaints which our guests have. Ironically, it is also the core concept of our group of Hotels and Resorts. The fact that we have adhered to this concept for the past 14 years, facing the financial challenges that comes with it, shows the grit and determination of the promoters in providing a clean, healthy and safe option for the business traveller. A large portion of Business travellers who visit us are married men and women with families. They choose to stay with us because of the confidence they have in us, that no matter what, we will not compromise on our principles even in difficult times. They know and more importantly, their families know, that their spouses are staying in a safe environment. We value this sentiment of our patrons and apologise sincerely for inconveniences caused to the few guests.

  2. We do not allow visitors into the rooms: As part of the above mentioned policy of providing a safe and clean environment, we do not permit resident guests to entertain friends or acquaintances in their room. During our interactions with law enforcement authorities, we learnt about illegal activities and proactively work with them to ensure such activities do not occur in our facility. We have provided a comfortable lobby and small meeting rooms and even offer complimentary beverages as a courtesy to our guests.

  3. Service is Slow: Some of our guests have complained that the service is slow during our buffet lunches. This is usually experienced when our 106 guest capacity restaurant gets full and there are an equal number of guests waiting. We invariably get requests by individuals and that takes a little time. Since it is a working lunch, the patience levels of guests aren’t as much as it is elsewhere. We try to inform the guest about approximate time taken for the delivery of such orders.

  4. Inconvenient Location: While we are centrally located between the Electronic City and the Bommasandra Industrial Area, we are about 16 km away from the CBD. The reviews and reputation of our restaurant & spa attracts many guests from the city. Hence the opinion.

  5. Other Shortcomings:

    1. As part of our policy, we encourage fresh graduates from hospitality institutes. We provide a platform for real time training and gaining experience to advance their future in the hospitality industry. As a result, not all our staff possess the finesse of experienced staff. We apologise and hope that our guests will understand that they are also helping a cause with their patience.

    2. We have our share of days when there are minor issues with room snacks, items in the buffet, room service, housekeeping, front desk or the bell boys. Rest assured that the management is keeping a close watch on quality and service issues and are taking corrective measures promptly.

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