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Urban Herbivore

“OUR CULINARY TRADITIONS ARE VEGETARIAN” … as we become increasingly aware of our diet and how it affects our health and wellbeing, Sai Vishram, the 252 room business hotel located in close proximity to electronics city promotes it’s restaurants on the concept of healthy, meat free & environmentally friendly foods. Each of our restaurants radiates it’s own character & charm … from contemporary to traditional old Tudor style with very clear Gothic forms.

However they share common ground when it comes to their dedication towards excellent service & quality food made from the choicest ingredients. Each of our dining experiences is wholly individual through their contrasting styles and settings, however, all place the same emphasis on fine service, unpretentious service and commitment to all our guests.

The vegetarian menus’ in Time Traveller & Urban Herbivore restaurants can cater for special dietary requirement wherever possible and use no animal fat and offers gluten-free options. Chefs are able to cook dishes without oil upon request.

“The “URBAN HERBIVORE´ (a vegetarian Chinese specialty restaurant) which serves various authentic Chinese delicacies which are based on the principles of Chinese cuisine that make it unique - the balancing of ingredients, the harmonious colour combinations and satisfying contrast in tastes and textures. It’s a paradise for those are looking for quality vegetarian Chinese cuisine. It offers you wonderful selection of appetizers and entrée to choose from, and the desserts like dates pancake , darshan with vanilla ice cream and not to forget the delicious Fried ice cream...a must try. Special Chinese green tea would be a perfect end to your meal.”

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